The “Cool Hans” as a Cheerleader

In the modern times, cheerleading has evolved into a sport, led by some schools and universities with the inclusion of gymnastics and tumbling routines. This helped the cheerleaders to become known for their athletic ability. In fact, cheerleading has its own official competitions in the Philippines like the famous National Cheerleading Competition. But can anyone do these stunts alone? Do they have enough knowledge about this sport?

When I was in high school, before joining the SSA pep squad, I was a member and the captain of DrumSSA (A varsity team that beats their drums for boosting different varsity team of their school).


While beating my bass drum for the SSA pep squad at the philsports arena – NCC 2012, I have witnessed how they fight and how they really want to bring back our crown as the NCC back to back champions. But unfortunately they failed to grab that trophy. I can see how sad and depressed they were. And that day I decided that I’ll be joining the squad because I’ve seen the closeness and how they got each other’s back.

After the competition, many members of the squad graduated. So they are accepting new members. I took the audition and luckily they accepted me. My happiness is overflowing as they welcomed me with their smiles and cheers for me as a new member of their squad. This squad is really different from other varsity teams. Cheerleaders are not just friends, we are a family! We support one another everyday through smiles and encouraging words. We have a special bond that none of you will ever understand. This team taught me how to fight, how to obey, how to be a disciplined individual, and lastly how to have a big heart that never gives up. That’s what makes this team so special and different from the other varsity teams. I just want to mention my coaches who never gave up on us. They are the reason why I’ve grown into a better individual. I always remember what my coach said “Puso lang at makakamit ang tagumpay” They are our strength  and they are our mentors who does not only teaches us how to do stunts but teaches us how to balance things.



After 3 months of training, we decided to join the Milo pep squad competition, this is our 1st competition as a team. As a new team we finished 2nd place. We were satisfied about the result. But as a determined team we promised ourselves that we will take back our crowns as the NCC champions. That’s why we trained harder. Many of our teammates got injured and some cannot be a part of the team anymore. That’s why we need to recruit new members again. After 6 months. The big day has finally arrived! It’s our dream, our fruit of hardwork. We fought many battles and became a part of the NCC finals. But then again we failed to take back our crown as the Champion. As we graduated, we never lose hope that someday, the SSA pep squad will then again regain its title.




Capulong, Hans Luigi


An Influential Band


Blink 182 is one of the greatest bands in the history. They are a pop-punk/alternative rock type of band. This band has a very good chemistry. That is why they become successful. They are the music sensation since the 90’s. A lot of band in the punk rock era said that they are also influenced by Blink-182. Of course, almost every band was inspired and influenced by The Beatles, The Police, and etc. But talking about in our era, Blink-182 is one of the best.


The band consists of three members, Travis Barker as the drummer, Tom DeLonge as the vocalist/guitarist and Mark Hoppus as the vocalist/bassist. Before Travis Barker, Scott Raynor was the first drummer of Blink-182. He was removed in 1998 because of his drinking habitat.

But, how did the members become a band? I mean, how did they meet? Well, after being expelled from Poway High School, Tom DeLonge attended Rancho Bernardo High School where he became friends with Anne Hoppus. DeLonge often expressed wanting to be in a band, so in August 1992 Anne introduced him to her brother Mark Hoppus, who also wanted to be in a band. The two played for hours in DeLonge’s garage, showing each other songs they had previously written, and writing new songs together. One of these songs would eventually become what is now “Carousel”. That night the two decided they needed to officially start a band, so DeLonge recruited friend Scott Raynor, who he had met at his school’s Battle of the Bands competition. The three began playing together and called themselves Duck Tape, until DeLonge thought of the name Blink. Before Raynor was removed in the band, they made a bunch of albums. Cheshire Cat, Dude Ranch, and Enema of the State were the albums made. But, in the album Dude Ranch and Enema of the State, there were songs where Travis Barker was the drummer already and co-writes songs.

15.1 15.2 15.3

(From left to right, Cheshire Cat, Dude Ranch and Enema of the State)

When Travis Barker was the drummer of Blink-182, it was the final line-up of the band. Currently, they have seven albums. These are Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, Blink-182, Neighborhoods, and Dogs Eating Dogs.

16.1 16.2 16.3 16.4

(From left to right, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, Blink-182, Neighborhoods, and Dogs Eating Dogs.)

Before they made the album Neighborhoods, they had an indefinite hiatus. Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker still played together in a different band called Plus 44 (+44). Tom DeLonge was also in a different band called Angels and Airwaves. And, both bands become a music sensation also. And, some of their songs were in a movie. Especially in American Pie, the song Mutt was a part of the soundtrack. They also became a part of the movie.

The good thing in Blink-182 is that they make songs in a very good quality in sense of music and a lot of meaning in sense of lyrics. My favourite song by them is Adam’s Song. The song is very meaningful and very good. It is all against depression and suicide. There is a part of the song which referred to the song Come as You Are by Nirvana. In the song of Nirvana, “Take your time, hurry up, the choice is yours, don’t be late.” In the song of Blink-182, “I took my time, I hurried up, the choice was mine, I didn’t think enough.” If you listen to it, at first impression you’ll think that it’s all about love. But, when you listen to over and over again, you’ll understand the real meaning of it. Just to know what the bands lyrical themes are, they make songs about love, family, friends, and relationships. It may be a happy one or a sad one.


That is why I really liked Blink-182. They make music not for money but because of passion and expressing what they want to express. Some will say that there music is boring because the generation today want bands that makes sound very complicated. For example, metal core, heavy metal and metal. But for me, it is not always about the sound, it is all about the music and lyrics.

Well, I may be a metal head but I chose bands which makes good music and lyrics. Some say that I have a good taste in music. It is all because of my childhood. During my childhood days, my brothers bought an album of Blink-182 and started playing it. I really liked there songs. They’re kind of catchy and good lyrics. All the bands that Blink-182 inspired and influenced are also the music I listen to. Well, not just Blink-182, I also listened to the oldies. The music in 70’s up to the 90’s. Today, that kind of music is called classic music or classics because they influenced the generation nowadays. I wish that Blink-182 will have a tour here in the Philippines. If it ever happens, I will surely watch it. It’s a dream come true for me to watch them live especially I’m with my best friends watching our favourite band.

Lazaro, Niccolo

Land of the Sleeping Giant

In the evening of October 30th 2012, my family and I arrived at Beijing, China. It was almost November so basically it was freezing there. My mom and my sister had to wear 3 layers of clothes to stay warm. We wanted to go out, but since we arrived late in the evening, we can’t go out anymore so we just have to wait ‘til tomorrow to explore the vicinity and when I tried to check my facebook and twitter it was blocked because China is a communist country.

Day 1

It’s sunny out but it’s still cold. Since it’s our first day, we woke up in the morning to have breakfast. But, before that, we had to find a money changer for our dollars. We walked around the hotel to find a place to eat and to exchange money. Luckily our hotel is located beside Wangfujing Dajie, it’s one of China’s popular promenades. There are many malls around it, restaurants where you can see familiar and unfamiliar foods. Chinese food is one of my favorite that’s why I’m really looking forward on eating here because here, they’re not Chinese food, they’re just food. When we walked along the streets we saw a smoke and smelled something delicious of course our assumption was it was a street food so we followed it and ended up on a street full of small stands of different kinds of food. We tried to look for something that we like so we tried to take a look at every corner of the street. Then this store stall came up, they sell scorpions, starfishes, seahorse and some creepy crawlies as their exotic street food. My dad dared me to eat the scorpion but I know my stomach wouldn’t take that kind of food.

1 2

Day 2

Day 2 of our trip to China, after we had breakfast, we went to Ming Tomb. There, you can see old paintings, antique artifacts and a bunch of statues. If you’re in to artifacts and antiques you’d really love the place. There you can see different cultures and history of China.

China is one of the oldest country in the world, they had different dynasties that existed very long time ago, so the place had to be huge to showcase that. But is nothing compared to where we went on our next stop.


The most famous wall on the earth, The Great Wall of China. It was built around 220-206 BC under the reign of Qin Shi Huang, The first emperor of China, to protect the Chinese empire from different nomadic groups around it. It was very huge and really long. Luckily, it is still early so there were fewer people from what we were expecting so it’s not really crowded there to take pictures with less hassle.


Day 3

Day 3 here at China, we woke up early so we could maximize our time and visit a lot of places. After we had breakfast, we went to visit the Forbidden City. It was just outside the hotel across the street. The place was really huge, there are a lot of temples and buildings, stairs to go up and down to explore the place. It took us nearly 5 hours to walk from the front gate up to the back gate because it was really long and huge, plus we had to take pictures and enter many establishments to maximize our visit. You could really feel how big China was compared to the Philippines because simply walking to the Forbidden City’s ends felt like walking half of manila.


Then after we had our lunch, we walked along Tianmen Park. There are a lot of trees and small animals you can see roaming around. You could really enjoy Nature; the air is cold but it’s very fresh, free from smoke and other pollutions, it is very peaceful there.


Day 4

For our fourth day, our schedule was set for Summer Palace. It was named that way because it was the vacation spot for the previous Emperors of China whenever its summer because there, you could see many plants, trees and lakes that you would really enjoy especially when it’s summer. Unfortunately it’s not, the weather was actually colder than before, good thing my sister let me borrow something to cover my head and my hands but it was her panda beanie that she bought on the mall there so some people are looking at me.

It even drizzled for a while at some point but it’s not really that hard so we preceded with the trip. It was our only destination that day because it was really far; we had to take a train to go there and like the Forbidden City, it is also enormous.

7 8

Day 5

For our last day in China, we were supposed to go to a Panda Zoo and The Birds Nest or The Olympic Village, where the 2008 beijing olympics was held. But when my sister peeked out of the window, it was raining hard so we continued sleeping for a little while. After an hour I tried to check the windown to see if we could go out because im really hungry and I got bored with the T.V because I cant understand anything. Then, I saw it was not raining anymore, but it was snowing out! It was my first snow ever. It was super cold outside so we just went out to experience the snow and then went to a mall along Wangfujing. And despite the weather I still ate DQ’s Strawberry Cheesecake Blizzard because it was my favorite.


Then after lunch we tried to check if we could bear the temperature out to see if we could go to the Birds Nest or The Olympic Village because a trip to Beijing wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t go there. When the temperature was manageable, we took a bus to the Olympic village but we didn’t go inside because it was still very cold outside and there might be another drop on the temperature or even a blizzard and that would be a problem because we had to go to the hotel early since it was our last day and we had to pack up our things to prepare for our flight.


We checked out at our hotel by 9:00 in the evening because our flight to Manila is on midnight.


Then we arrived in Manila around 7:00 in the morning and on time to attend my 3rd period class in school.


Even though China is pretty old, there are still a lot of new sights to see. And if you’re into something old, the country is very rich in Culture. They even have a lot of beautiful historical landmarks that are very near.

I’ve been to many countries in the Asia before like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and even the other parts of China like Macau and Hong Kong, but I could say Beijing is one of the most beautiful country I’ve been to aside from the Philippines of course. And someday, if I could, I’d go back there to explore once more.

Guino, John Jeriel

Mobile Phones Then and Now


Almost every person nowadays now has his/her own personal mobile phone. But the thing is our modern mobile phone that we are currently seeing looks way different than the ones from the past. It so different that most us people, will not be thinking of using it. These changes are because of our improved technology which transforms huge, thick, and heavy Mobile Phones into much lighter, slim and stylish mobile phones that well, almost every one of us are using.  Here, I will show you how mobile phones used to look like as we look into some of the mobile phones then, and now.

80’s and 90’s Mobile Phones


Motorola DynaTAC 8000x “The Brick Phone” – 1983

-It is 13 inches long, has an antenna, and weighing 28 ounces. Just by simply looking at it, you can assume that it’s so hard to carry and the model has so much difference when you compare it on our modern phones.



-Back in 1995, mobile phones used to look like this. It is much smaller than the previous one but it retains its antenna; it’s pretty much the same as today’s cordless phone.


NOKIA 5110 – 1997

-Antennas are shortened, and add different variety of colours for a change.


NOKIA 3210 – 1999

-As you can see, antennas no longer show. Instead, it has internal antenna, much more casual colours and of course a better graphics than the previous ones.

2000 – Present Mobile Phones



The world’s first touchscreen phone which features black and white touchscreen, making this phone a trend back then.

ImageNOKIA 7650 – 2002

-We can now say goodbye to old boring black display. This phone features a full coloured display, and a camera, which makes this phone the first cell phone camera.


MOTOROLA V3 – 2004

-This Mobile Phone has two screens, one in the outside, and one on the inside. It is very slim that it will easily fit in your pockets.



-From huge, bulky, and heavy phones 20 years ago into slim, stylish and a phone that runs on an operating system just like a computer.

-The development of Smartphones is such a huge breakthrough when it comes to mobile phones. It features full HD touchscreen; you can even play great games here. You can browse the internet with it. It has a HD camera, so much light in weight, super slim, and stylish styles. It is also a fact that our latest mobile phones are as powerful as computers.


Mobile phones played a huge role when it comes to communication.  Because of mobile phones, staying in touch with family and friends is easier. By the time mobile phones are introduced, the design is just awful, heavy and so bulky; not to mention that its only function is to make phone calls. All thanks to our advanced technology, mobile phones are able not just receive and make mobile phone calls, but also to take pictures, listen to music or radio, watch videos,  surf the internet, and even play great games. It’s really a great deal that we are able to improve the capabilities of a simple mobile phone and turning it into something like smartphones, which is pretty much like tiny computers that’ll easily fit in your pockets. It’s really a wonder what a mere 25 years of innovations can do; I just cannot wait to what’ll come out next in the years to come.

Cruz, John Vincent


It is sad that my high school friends and I will be apart. For more than 4 years we have been through a lot of things but we are still a whole. They have been not only my classmates and friends but also a part of my family. Yes, we fight a lot, we don’t agree on same things, we have different attitudes but still we accept and love one another for who we are. That’s families are about right? Most of them still lives and study in Laguna so they see one another most of the times. I was feeling left out because their classes already started but I was still on vacation. Many questions popped in my head like: What if they meet new friends will they forget about me or the times we spent together? , Can someone take my place in their life? Or will they even still treat me as a friend? Things like that. Well like they say nothing is permanent in this world except change so I have to accept the fact that people change. Fortunately even though we’re far away from each other we still treat each other as a family and we still keep in touch with one another.


The next chapter of my life is my college life. Moving on is not that easy once you get too attached to someone or something. First day of school, I’m a Mapuan now. I don’t have friends yet nor do I know people that much. It feels so awkward that some of my block mates came from the same school so at least they have someone to talk to and I don’t have my friends there to keep me company at that moment I missed my friends. I thought that I’m going to be a loner but my block mates are really nice and friendly so we easily bonded with each other right away.








 Everyone in Mapua seems nice and friendly well maybe not everyone but most of them are. Anyway, maybe I have new friends not only from my block but also I have friends in other courses and batches. I treat them all as my family like my former classmates but for me they won’t be replace in my heart. Each and every one of them has their own special place in my heart. College life is hard at the same time fun. I’m just at the start of my other chapter in life. There are more adventures or events to come and I’m still on the journey to conquer what’s ahead. That’s all that I’m going to share for now. Bye 🙂


Africa, Alexandra May

Best Friends

Friends are everywhere, though best friends are hard to find. I was in my junior year when I met these twins that made my life a circus. They were transfer students at the time as well as scholars. Their skills in volleyball gave them a chance to study without paying for their schooling. At first, we were not that close and we didn’t even talk much. Though as days passed by we started to get to know each other and become friends. I can’t even remember when we started to be friends, it just happened. As we became friends, there was a feeling of ease with each other, I think that’s one of the reasons why we clicked, and to this day, are still best friends. Out of the twins, I am more comfortable and closer to Onahbells than Ynahbells, for we have similarities that we jive together. Moreover, we tell secrets to each other that her twin sister has no idea about. It’s very fulfilling on my part to have them both and they are not a bad influence at all. In fact, we review and help each other on upcoming exams and even though we are close enough to cheat, like what others would think, we would never use our friendship to cheat.

000 00

Division meet – JS prom

Early in the morning before class started, we would get our things from our lockers and go to the comfort room to pamper our self while talking about everything under the sun. Topics such as hoity-toity moments with a crush, horrible happenings, and assignments were common things we usually talked about. Sometimes, discussions lead to either a boisterous laugh or a choir that would call the attention of our department head, who would then tell us to minimize our voice. This is how we would normally start our day. During the discussion there is never a dull moment, we made it as lively as we could, and when we would start to tell a joke what would ensue was endless laughter.

As break time rolled around, we are all very hungry because we would never have time for breakfast. The most we would have was a chocolate drink and a Cracklings or Nova. While waiting for the teacher to come, we would stand at the corridor watching students pass by, hoping to see someone. The next subject was our favourite, and because of this, we would tend to be keen listeners and angels as well. When it was time for lunch, the first thing we would do before anything else was head to the comfort room. There we would continue to chat, pamper, sing, laugh and sometimes dance turning the comfort room into a runway. After all of that, we would sit down and eat together. I don’t know if they just ate really fast or I ate really slow, but I was always the last one to finish my food. After the last subject was locker time, this was the moment of seeing your crush or your other friends. After a long day, it was time to head home and take a rest. However, even on the jeepney our fun never stopped.  We enjoyed the stop and go movement of the jeepney that caused inertia, which compressed us all completely onto one side. In that simple thing gave us a reason to smile and enjoy every single moment together.


Christmas party: on the left side is janica kate, on the right side Jonah klydel and me at the center 

As they say, life is not perfect, likewise our friendship as well. We have that bad or odd thing that always happens when my birthday is coming, and we will surely get mad at with it each other for a long period of time until we are able to approach each other and talk. We can’t say that it is a coincident because it had happened for two consecutive years. Just this last year, I made a letter and message out of their names and I’m glad that they like it, for I do have a hard time writing those things. In return, they also gave me a letter. It’s really hard and painful for us to accept the fact that we will no longer be seeing each other that much, but as long as we make sure that we update each other of what is happening in our lives. We all know that this will not last forever so we do our best to enjoy and love each other each day. True friends are hard to find, but once you find some, it will guarantee you a million smiles and never ending happy moments.

Alondra, Kaye Angela

Evolution of Computers

Computers these days are advanced and powerful compared to their ancient counterparts, but do people know the origin of the device that they’re using today? Come and let us discuss this significant matter in our modern generation – History is very important since it helps us identify the flaws that happened in the past; hence, it can help us prevent such disasters in the near future.

From Historical times to Modern times.

Let’s start with the definition of a computer, what is a computer?

According to the internet, a computer is a device capable of processing information, has the ability to compute or calculate and also the ability to understand instructions through input and output methods given by its user. Latter definitions include the ability to program or create algorithms to be stored in the memory of the device for later use and other supplementary functions. Additionally, there are two types of computers in the past, one that is classified in automated calculation and the other in programmability, on the other hand, modern computers are expected to be categorized as both.

Now as the word implies, computer – a device that computes, as you can see we can easily identify the purpose of this device, the ability to make computations.

Mechanical and Electronic Calculators


an old electronic calculator

That is the reason why this little device was once considered as one of the earliest types of computer ever made – an electronic calculator. A calculator is a mechanical or electronic device with numerical and symbolic buttons on it; the numerals represent the decimal number system or the numbers from 0 to 9, while the symbols indicate the arithmetic operations like the multiplication and division sign.

It was considered as a computer because it satisfied two of the conditions; the ability to perform basic calculations and understand basic instructions (inputs) – the first ever mechanical calculator was invented in 1642 by Blaise Pascal; unfortunately, it was only able to do addition and subtraction.


Different types of mechanical calculators.

However, these types of calculators are no longer considered as computers, since there are more advanced calculators that are able to perform complex calculations and are also programmable, which fits the criteria of the modern definition for computers.

An example would be the following, a graphing calculator and a programmable calculator:


The first image is theTI-84 graphing calculator; the second one is the HP 50g in equation editor mode.

A graphing calculator is an electronic calculator with a large screen to display its calculations; it also has numerous buttons that are dedicated to the arithmetic operations, trigonometric functions, decimal numerical system, and other algebraic functions like the logarithmic function and the square root function. It can also perform complex calculations and can plot graphs of various algebraic expressions as well as the ability to solve and manipulate simultaneous equations involving variables. All of these functions are exclusively found on graphing calculators and programmable calculators; the only difference between the two is that in programmable calculators, you’re able to write your own program (or alternatively, an algorithm) in order to be executed to solve an extremely complicated problem.

The interior parts of these calculators, their processors to be exact, are made out of silicon (which can conduct electricity for its power source), and plastic as their exterior covering. It also requires having batteries for it to be fully functional, but there also exists solar powered-type of calculators which only require sunlight to work. They also practically weigh less when compared to the mechanical-type of calculators which obviously enables them being held by hand.

Mechanical and Electronic Computers


The first ever mechanical computer concept was the Difference Engine, by Charles Babbage in 1822, the creation of this machine wasn’t completed because of funding problems, but the purpose of the machine was clear; to be able to calculate multiple sets of numbers and to make hard copies of the result. Because of his concept he was one of the pioneers of computers and was also labelled as “the father of computers.”

The next concept is about the Turing machine, by Alan Turing in 1936, this is where all of the modern computers today are based; this idea is actually more of a theory than a concept since it speaks of the relationship between mathematics and a machine. Alan Turing was also labelled as the “father of modern computers.”

It didn’t take that long; after a short span of time, there have been advancements in both hardware and software which completely lead to the creation of modern computers today.


Apple II is one of the modern computers made in the 20th century; it’s an 8-bit personal computer with a speed of 1 megahertz and has 4 kilobytes of physical memory with a CRT monitor as a screen to see the progress of your work, it also has a keyboard which is used for input, the keyboard is composed of the alphabet, the decimal numerical system and other buttons that perform a unique function for the computer. Additionally, it has some sort of cassette drive to insert your floppy disks and compact disks to save your work.

The computers in the 21st century

06Modern computers these days can deliver millions of calculations per second not only that, you can also exhibit entertainment by watching movies and playing games, you also get to do your work much faster compared to the previous era of computers, they’re also equipped with peripherals like the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse, and speakers; each having  its own purpose. The computer case contains the core parts of the computer – that is, these interior parts are essential for the computer to perform the instructed tasks properly, these are the: processor, memory, storage, power supply, motherboard, and video card.

Let me enumerate each of the peripheral’s function:

Mouse – is a peripheral connected to one of the ports of the motherboard, it can be wired or wireless. Its purpose is to guide an object in the virtual space on your computer which is called a cursor to the destination you prefer, it is also used to point at files and open them using the left click button, the right click button shows more options of what you can do with that file.

Keyboard – is a peripheral which is also connected to one of the ports of the motherboard, again it can be wired or wireless. Its purpose is to enable its user to input an amount of text which is composed of letter, numbers or symbols. The keyboard also contains special keys; each key having a unique function for the computer.

Monitor – is a peripheral, again which is connected to one of the ports of the motherboard and is either wired or wireless. Its purpose is to show you your virtual space in which you can do pretty much anything.

Speakers – are just peripherals that enable you to hear the sound coming from the various processes that you instruct your computer to do, like playing music and more.


A laptop is a personal computer that is portable; there are no significant changes aside from the slight reduction to the computing speed. The major benefit here is portability, since it would be a pain to carry your personal computer around. It is also the reason why this machine was invented, to enable you to do your work anywhere as long as there’s a socket to plug in when your battery runs out.


A certain type of a cellular phone can now be considered as a computer – these are the smartphones.

A smartphone is a cellular phone with a higher degree of computing capability than a regular phone; it has an operating system and is usually accompanied by a touchscreen display. These certain phones can also perform numerous calculations per second and can accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously. These phones can send important text messages and e-mails. They can also play music and video files and can do a lot more. In short, the functions are similar to a regular computer but are just downgraded at some point. The best part is that it’s a phone, you can keep it in your pocket or you can hold it in your hands without having to worry about the weight.


Computers were made to make life easier and as time progresses by so does the amount of improvement on the computer’s capability to do tasks more efficiently and more quickly. We should never forget the sole reason why these computers were invented in the first place, it is to help and accompany us in our goals where computing is required and where speed is necessary.

Lucas, Daniel