Blink of an Eye

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Blink of an Eye is a novel written by Ted Dekker, one of the greatest thriller author. It was released in 2003 and was released in 2007. It was his sixth novel coming after Heaven’s Wager his first novel and before its sequel When Heaven Weeps. Blink of an Eye was awarded Ten Christy Book Award as “Best Mystery Thriller .“ It was a Christian Fiction with crossovers of Islam culture and American Culture in the modern era.

The story is about the unexpected meeting of a Saudi princess and a genius who eventually fall in love with each other. Seth, the genius, was just a normal kid until someone asked him to solve a complex equation in a high school class when he was nine. It was after his surf sessions when this happened and the reason he is surfing was becasue of his father. He was beaten by his father during his childhood His high IQ was unknown to all people including him because of his unloving father. Scientists said that his IQ is almost 191 and is much higher than Einstein. Many institutions wanted to take him but he is now taking his doctorate in high-energy physics in Berkeley. After sometime he developed a clairvoyant which lets him see the future. With this gift he met Miriam the princess by envisioning her death, Miriam was forced to marriage someone she didn’t love because of a coup that will enthrone the current king of Saudi Arabia and she also discovered that her real father was a sheik and she was adopted for their loyalty. Before that, she was also forced to see her friend being drowned by her own father because of an old Arabian belief. She ran away to United States in California with her friend, Sultana’s advise. The story is just simple and it was a classic where a hero and a heroine gets away from the bad guys. In the end both of them fell madly in love with each other and they lived a happier life after that.

The reason why I read this book is because of the different storyline. Even if it is a classic and we almost know what will happen next I still get the feeling of having goose bumps. The story was full of mystery and suspense making it a little better than the other classics. I also learned something from the Islam culture on this novel that surprised me and some of them are disturbing. It was the law about a girl refusing her husband, a on old law of the Arabian. The punishment for that law is drowning by their own father. But all in all it is fun reading Blink of An Eye and I didn’t get bored.


Garcia, Julius


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