Singapore a fine city…Indeed


Have you ever experience the thrill of travelling? I did. Travelling to another place that is unfamiliar to someone would bring out new discoveries and journeys to them. Travelling is widely viewed as another example of recreational activities; People also tend to relate travelling as part of a certain occasion or even vacation. Though travelling can be fun and refreshing to one’s mind; Travelling are considered expensive in modern times today, mainly because of the expenses the individual has to go through, with example as lodgings, food, souvenirs, and travelling expenses. But even though travelling may cost you a lot, it has a lot of benefits, and besides there are places you can travel cheaply instead of travelling to a far place like abroad. So on behalf of the people who can’t afford to travel or to some who want to read this just for fun; I am going to tell you my experience of travelling to the fine city that is Singapore.

It all started on summer vacation of 2012 or after I just finished my 9th grade in high school, and to be honest the preparation for my upcoming flight for my summer vacation in Singapore was too much of a hassle to do, I needed to go to the DFA or the Department of Foreign Affairs just to renew my expired passport, and believe me it was tiresome. After a few months of waiting–Wham! The passport had already been finished and ready for use. So after that we went to NAIA or the Ninoy Aquino International Airport for my departure towards Singapore, and as the plane had already set off towards the vast skies, I looked down at the ground to see the skyline of the busy nights of Metro Manila, and it was amazing for my own country. The arrival of the night came after an hour, and I could see the lights blinking at the nightly sky of vast open sea as I looked out from my window, to see stars floating at the night sky and the waving ocean wherein boats fish, it was a beautiful sight indeed. I fell asleep from the 3 hour trip to Singapore, and it really took a lot from me.


When I left the Changi Airport, the name of Singapore’s national airport, I was amazed to the city of Singapore, it was a well-developed and well-organized country compared to my country the Philippines. We took a cab to my father’s home, and when we finally arrived at the home my father was staying, there I took my rest waiting for the journey that lies ahead of tomorrow. The following day I experienced the public transportation of the people of Singapore; the method of transportation in Singapore is much more advance compared to our country, for it uses a card that stores in virtual money that could be used universally throughout all the public transportation utilities in Singapore, unlike in the Philippines wherein you would manually pay hard money for the fee of transportation. I also noticed the huge number of Indians or maybe Pakistanis at Singapore, maybe because they are also working overseas, and I don’t want to sound like a racist, but man! They sure smell like they bathe themselves with curry and goat excretions, I mean they sure smell terrible! As in its smell would reach into your eyes, but I digress. So we went through a lot of places like Orchard, Universal Studio, A Singaporean zoo, local malls, restaurants, etc. But putting those beautiful places aside, the Singaporeans and even tourists has to abide to a lot of community rules of Singapore, or else you would either pay a fine or get arrested. You really can’t escape the eyes of the government there, as you would be able to find cctvs everywhere you go. Here are the following are the rules that I can still clearly remember: Do not eat gum anywhere, no littering, no smoking unless you are in the designated smoking area, no jaywalking, no staying way past curfew hours if underage, etc. And so that is why they call Singapore–a fine city.


I did not only travelled to Singapore just so you know, I also travelled to Malaysia during that time for just 3 days, but unlike Singapore, the streets of Malaysia can be compared to that of the streets of Metro Manila, but slightly much more developed. At Malaysia you can find there the so called “The Twin Towers” or simply the Petronas towers, and to my surprise it was actually a mall, and I originally thought it was owned by a private company, and I also noticed during my vacation on Singapore and Malaysia that their mall are just moderately attractive unlike our malls in the Philippines, maybe because we Pilipinos like to go shopping. And so after 1 month of vacation in abroad, I finally went home to my motherland, time sure flies so fast, because my vacation was already over. I would surely miss that good vacation I had.


But those were the memories from the past year, I experienced a lot of exciting things during my travel. So if it happens that you are disheartened to travel because it’s expensive, as I just said a while ago, you could travel to local places in the Philippines for cheap prices. I mean surely places don’t have legs that just move from one place to another, they remain constant and would be there waiting for you to stop by. So go out there and book yourself a trip anywhere, may it be the local province beach or a long trip to abroad. I wish you a Happy Trip! Or as the French say Bon Voyage!

Driz, Zird Triztan


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