Mobile Phones Then and Now


Almost every person nowadays now has his/her own personal mobile phone. But the thing is our modern mobile phone that we are currently seeing looks way different than the ones from the past. It so different that most us people, will not be thinking of using it. These changes are because of our improved technology which transforms huge, thick, and heavy Mobile Phones into much lighter, slim and stylish mobile phones that well, almost every one of us are using.  Here, I will show you how mobile phones used to look like as we look into some of the mobile phones then, and now.

80’s and 90’s Mobile Phones


Motorola DynaTAC 8000x “The Brick Phone” – 1983

-It is 13 inches long, has an antenna, and weighing 28 ounces. Just by simply looking at it, you can assume that it’s so hard to carry and the model has so much difference when you compare it on our modern phones.



-Back in 1995, mobile phones used to look like this. It is much smaller than the previous one but it retains its antenna; it’s pretty much the same as today’s cordless phone.


NOKIA 5110 – 1997

-Antennas are shortened, and add different variety of colours for a change.


NOKIA 3210 – 1999

-As you can see, antennas no longer show. Instead, it has internal antenna, much more casual colours and of course a better graphics than the previous ones.

2000 – Present Mobile Phones



The world’s first touchscreen phone which features black and white touchscreen, making this phone a trend back then.

ImageNOKIA 7650 – 2002

-We can now say goodbye to old boring black display. This phone features a full coloured display, and a camera, which makes this phone the first cell phone camera.


MOTOROLA V3 – 2004

-This Mobile Phone has two screens, one in the outside, and one on the inside. It is very slim that it will easily fit in your pockets.



-From huge, bulky, and heavy phones 20 years ago into slim, stylish and a phone that runs on an operating system just like a computer.

-The development of Smartphones is such a huge breakthrough when it comes to mobile phones. It features full HD touchscreen; you can even play great games here. You can browse the internet with it. It has a HD camera, so much light in weight, super slim, and stylish styles. It is also a fact that our latest mobile phones are as powerful as computers.


Mobile phones played a huge role when it comes to communication.  Because of mobile phones, staying in touch with family and friends is easier. By the time mobile phones are introduced, the design is just awful, heavy and so bulky; not to mention that its only function is to make phone calls. All thanks to our advanced technology, mobile phones are able not just receive and make mobile phone calls, but also to take pictures, listen to music or radio, watch videos,  surf the internet, and even play great games. It’s really a great deal that we are able to improve the capabilities of a simple mobile phone and turning it into something like smartphones, which is pretty much like tiny computers that’ll easily fit in your pockets. It’s really a wonder what a mere 25 years of innovations can do; I just cannot wait to what’ll come out next in the years to come.

Cruz, John Vincent


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