Land of the Sleeping Giant

In the evening of October 30th 2012, my family and I arrived at Beijing, China. It was almost November so basically it was freezing there. My mom and my sister had to wear 3 layers of clothes to stay warm. We wanted to go out, but since we arrived late in the evening, we can’t go out anymore so we just have to wait ‘til tomorrow to explore the vicinity and when I tried to check my facebook and twitter it was blocked because China is a communist country.

Day 1

It’s sunny out but it’s still cold. Since it’s our first day, we woke up in the morning to have breakfast. But, before that, we had to find a money changer for our dollars. We walked around the hotel to find a place to eat and to exchange money. Luckily our hotel is located beside Wangfujing Dajie, it’s one of China’s popular promenades. There are many malls around it, restaurants where you can see familiar and unfamiliar foods. Chinese food is one of my favorite that’s why I’m really looking forward on eating here because here, they’re not Chinese food, they’re just food. When we walked along the streets we saw a smoke and smelled something delicious of course our assumption was it was a street food so we followed it and ended up on a street full of small stands of different kinds of food. We tried to look for something that we like so we tried to take a look at every corner of the street. Then this store stall came up, they sell scorpions, starfishes, seahorse and some creepy crawlies as their exotic street food. My dad dared me to eat the scorpion but I know my stomach wouldn’t take that kind of food.

1 2

Day 2

Day 2 of our trip to China, after we had breakfast, we went to Ming Tomb. There, you can see old paintings, antique artifacts and a bunch of statues. If you’re in to artifacts and antiques you’d really love the place. There you can see different cultures and history of China.

China is one of the oldest country in the world, they had different dynasties that existed very long time ago, so the place had to be huge to showcase that. But is nothing compared to where we went on our next stop.


The most famous wall on the earth, The Great Wall of China. It was built around 220-206 BC under the reign of Qin Shi Huang, The first emperor of China, to protect the Chinese empire from different nomadic groups around it. It was very huge and really long. Luckily, it is still early so there were fewer people from what we were expecting so it’s not really crowded there to take pictures with less hassle.


Day 3

Day 3 here at China, we woke up early so we could maximize our time and visit a lot of places. After we had breakfast, we went to visit the Forbidden City. It was just outside the hotel across the street. The place was really huge, there are a lot of temples and buildings, stairs to go up and down to explore the place. It took us nearly 5 hours to walk from the front gate up to the back gate because it was really long and huge, plus we had to take pictures and enter many establishments to maximize our visit. You could really feel how big China was compared to the Philippines because simply walking to the Forbidden City’s ends felt like walking half of manila.


Then after we had our lunch, we walked along Tianmen Park. There are a lot of trees and small animals you can see roaming around. You could really enjoy Nature; the air is cold but it’s very fresh, free from smoke and other pollutions, it is very peaceful there.


Day 4

For our fourth day, our schedule was set for Summer Palace. It was named that way because it was the vacation spot for the previous Emperors of China whenever its summer because there, you could see many plants, trees and lakes that you would really enjoy especially when it’s summer. Unfortunately it’s not, the weather was actually colder than before, good thing my sister let me borrow something to cover my head and my hands but it was her panda beanie that she bought on the mall there so some people are looking at me.

It even drizzled for a while at some point but it’s not really that hard so we preceded with the trip. It was our only destination that day because it was really far; we had to take a train to go there and like the Forbidden City, it is also enormous.

7 8

Day 5

For our last day in China, we were supposed to go to a Panda Zoo and The Birds Nest or The Olympic Village, where the 2008 beijing olympics was held. But when my sister peeked out of the window, it was raining hard so we continued sleeping for a little while. After an hour I tried to check the windown to see if we could go out because im really hungry and I got bored with the T.V because I cant understand anything. Then, I saw it was not raining anymore, but it was snowing out! It was my first snow ever. It was super cold outside so we just went out to experience the snow and then went to a mall along Wangfujing. And despite the weather I still ate DQ’s Strawberry Cheesecake Blizzard because it was my favorite.


Then after lunch we tried to check if we could bear the temperature out to see if we could go to the Birds Nest or The Olympic Village because a trip to Beijing wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t go there. When the temperature was manageable, we took a bus to the Olympic village but we didn’t go inside because it was still very cold outside and there might be another drop on the temperature or even a blizzard and that would be a problem because we had to go to the hotel early since it was our last day and we had to pack up our things to prepare for our flight.


We checked out at our hotel by 9:00 in the evening because our flight to Manila is on midnight.


Then we arrived in Manila around 7:00 in the morning and on time to attend my 3rd period class in school.


Even though China is pretty old, there are still a lot of new sights to see. And if you’re into something old, the country is very rich in Culture. They even have a lot of beautiful historical landmarks that are very near.

I’ve been to many countries in the Asia before like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and even the other parts of China like Macau and Hong Kong, but I could say Beijing is one of the most beautiful country I’ve been to aside from the Philippines of course. And someday, if I could, I’d go back there to explore once more.

Guino, John Jeriel


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