The “Cool Hans” as a Cheerleader

In the modern times, cheerleading has evolved into a sport, led by some schools and universities with the inclusion of gymnastics and tumbling routines. This helped the cheerleaders to become known for their athletic ability. In fact, cheerleading has its own official competitions in the Philippines like the famous National Cheerleading Competition. But can anyone do these stunts alone? Do they have enough knowledge about this sport?

When I was in high school, before joining the SSA pep squad, I was a member and the captain of DrumSSA (A varsity team that beats their drums for boosting different varsity team of their school).


While beating my bass drum for the SSA pep squad at the philsports arena – NCC 2012, I have witnessed how they fight and how they really want to bring back our crown as the NCC back to back champions. But unfortunately they failed to grab that trophy. I can see how sad and depressed they were. And that day I decided that I’ll be joining the squad because I’ve seen the closeness and how they got each other’s back.

After the competition, many members of the squad graduated. So they are accepting new members. I took the audition and luckily they accepted me. My happiness is overflowing as they welcomed me with their smiles and cheers for me as a new member of their squad. This squad is really different from other varsity teams. Cheerleaders are not just friends, we are a family! We support one another everyday through smiles and encouraging words. We have a special bond that none of you will ever understand. This team taught me how to fight, how to obey, how to be a disciplined individual, and lastly how to have a big heart that never gives up. That’s what makes this team so special and different from the other varsity teams. I just want to mention my coaches who never gave up on us. They are the reason why I’ve grown into a better individual. I always remember what my coach said “Puso lang at makakamit ang tagumpay” They are our strength  and they are our mentors who does not only teaches us how to do stunts but teaches us how to balance things.



After 3 months of training, we decided to join the Milo pep squad competition, this is our 1st competition as a team. As a new team we finished 2nd place. We were satisfied about the result. But as a determined team we promised ourselves that we will take back our crowns as the NCC champions. That’s why we trained harder. Many of our teammates got injured and some cannot be a part of the team anymore. That’s why we need to recruit new members again. After 6 months. The big day has finally arrived! It’s our dream, our fruit of hardwork. We fought many battles and became a part of the NCC finals. But then again we failed to take back our crown as the Champion. As we graduated, we never lose hope that someday, the SSA pep squad will then again regain its title.




Capulong, Hans Luigi


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