Best Friends

Friends are everywhere, though best friends are hard to find. I was in my junior year when I met these twins that made my life a circus. They were transfer students at the time as well as scholars. Their skills in volleyball gave them a chance to study without paying for their schooling. At first, we were not that close and we didn’t even talk much. Though as days passed by we started to get to know each other and become friends. I can’t even remember when we started to be friends, it just happened. As we became friends, there was a feeling of ease with each other, I think that’s one of the reasons why we clicked, and to this day, are still best friends. Out of the twins, I am more comfortable and closer to Onahbells than Ynahbells, for we have similarities that we jive together. Moreover, we tell secrets to each other that her twin sister has no idea about. It’s very fulfilling on my part to have them both and they are not a bad influence at all. In fact, we review and help each other on upcoming exams and even though we are close enough to cheat, like what others would think, we would never use our friendship to cheat.

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Division meet – JS prom

Early in the morning before class started, we would get our things from our lockers and go to the comfort room to pamper our self while talking about everything under the sun. Topics such as hoity-toity moments with a crush, horrible happenings, and assignments were common things we usually talked about. Sometimes, discussions lead to either a boisterous laugh or a choir that would call the attention of our department head, who would then tell us to minimize our voice. This is how we would normally start our day. During the discussion there is never a dull moment, we made it as lively as we could, and when we would start to tell a joke what would ensue was endless laughter.

As break time rolled around, we are all very hungry because we would never have time for breakfast. The most we would have was a chocolate drink and a Cracklings or Nova. While waiting for the teacher to come, we would stand at the corridor watching students pass by, hoping to see someone. The next subject was our favourite, and because of this, we would tend to be keen listeners and angels as well. When it was time for lunch, the first thing we would do before anything else was head to the comfort room. There we would continue to chat, pamper, sing, laugh and sometimes dance turning the comfort room into a runway. After all of that, we would sit down and eat together. I don’t know if they just ate really fast or I ate really slow, but I was always the last one to finish my food. After the last subject was locker time, this was the moment of seeing your crush or your other friends. After a long day, it was time to head home and take a rest. However, even on the jeepney our fun never stopped.  We enjoyed the stop and go movement of the jeepney that caused inertia, which compressed us all completely onto one side. In that simple thing gave us a reason to smile and enjoy every single moment together.


Christmas party: on the left side is janica kate, on the right side Jonah klydel and me at the center 

As they say, life is not perfect, likewise our friendship as well. We have that bad or odd thing that always happens when my birthday is coming, and we will surely get mad at with it each other for a long period of time until we are able to approach each other and talk. We can’t say that it is a coincident because it had happened for two consecutive years. Just this last year, I made a letter and message out of their names and I’m glad that they like it, for I do have a hard time writing those things. In return, they also gave me a letter. It’s really hard and painful for us to accept the fact that we will no longer be seeing each other that much, but as long as we make sure that we update each other of what is happening in our lives. We all know that this will not last forever so we do our best to enjoy and love each other each day. True friends are hard to find, but once you find some, it will guarantee you a million smiles and never ending happy moments.

Alondra, Kaye Angela


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