It is sad that my high school friends and I will be apart. For more than 4 years we have been through a lot of things but we are still a whole. They have been not only my classmates and friends but also a part of my family. Yes, we fight a lot, we don’t agree on same things, we have different attitudes but still we accept and love one another for who we are. That’s families are about right? Most of them still lives and study in Laguna so they see one another most of the times. I was feeling left out because their classes already started but I was still on vacation. Many questions popped in my head like: What if they meet new friends will they forget about me or the times we spent together? , Can someone take my place in their life? Or will they even still treat me as a friend? Things like that. Well like they say nothing is permanent in this world except change so I have to accept the fact that people change. Fortunately even though we’re far away from each other we still treat each other as a family and we still keep in touch with one another.


The next chapter of my life is my college life. Moving on is not that easy once you get too attached to someone or something. First day of school, I’m a Mapuan now. I don’t have friends yet nor do I know people that much. It feels so awkward that some of my block mates came from the same school so at least they have someone to talk to and I don’t have my friends there to keep me company at that moment I missed my friends. I thought that I’m going to be a loner but my block mates are really nice and friendly so we easily bonded with each other right away.








 Everyone in Mapua seems nice and friendly well maybe not everyone but most of them are. Anyway, maybe I have new friends not only from my block but also I have friends in other courses and batches. I treat them all as my family like my former classmates but for me they won’t be replace in my heart. Each and every one of them has their own special place in my heart. College life is hard at the same time fun. I’m just at the start of my other chapter in life. There are more adventures or events to come and I’m still on the journey to conquer what’s ahead. That’s all that I’m going to share for now. Bye 🙂


Africa, Alexandra May


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