Nice vs. Naughty



The Smurfs 2, my favorite movie next to despicable me. This movie is not only for children or kids but for anyone that enjoy this kind of movie. Smurfs started 2 years ago where  I thought this movie is not cool, but when i watched Smurfs a year ago I feel addicted to this movie that every game I play i named my character a smurf name.  The important parts in this movie are, first is when Smurfette had a dream of becoming a naughty smurf, second is when Smurfette knew that her real father is Gargamel and not papa smurf, third is when papa smurf, Clumsy, Grouchy, and Vanity saw that Smurfette is having fun with Gargamel, Vexy, and Hackus, fourth and the last  is when Smurfette reveal the secret of the Smurfs.


About Gargamel. Gargamel is the evil wizard that can make naughties and turn them into a smurf. Vexy is a naughty girl that helps Gargamel reveal the secret of the Smurf. Hackus is a nonsense naughty that also helps Gargamel.

4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4

Clumsy – Papa – Grouchy – Vanity

These four smurf ways on how to save Smurfette from evil wizard Gargamel. They show unity with Patrick, Grace and their son, Blue. They do all they can and used their mind on how to break into Gargamel’s laboratory.

Why do you need to watch this movie? This movie that you must not miss not only because it is super good also because that you will find lessons, funny moments, having faith in your family, as well as solving family problems and having unity.

Mabilangan, Jonathan Ariel M.


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