Go Radio Rocks!

Are you into love songs or sad songs, do you feel like listening to these genres because your crush, boyfriend, or girlfriend has turned you down? Do you want to listen to a new band that is good at making these songs? Then I believe you should give a band known as Go Radio a try. These guys are really good, though not everyone knows them yet. They make such great songs, and I promise you will fall in love with them. Due to their awesome lyrics, catchy drum beats, and the awesome riffs of their guitarist Steven Kopacz, these guys separate themselves from other similar bands. These guys also have a piano solo which made them very unique from the rest. When you hear their vocalist Jason Lancaster you see that he is very talented. Though in my opinion he is better in the bands live performances.


This band was formed in April 2007 by Jason Lancaster. Jason Lancaster, (vocalist, guitarist and lyricist) had been a former member of the band known as Mayday Parade, though he had quit due to a few particular issues with his old bandmates. The name Go Radio was supposed to be the name of the new album of Mayday Parade, so when Jason Lancaster quit Mayday Parade he took the name Go Radio with him. When that happened, it created the opportunity for Jason Lancaster to become the main vocalist, as opposed to being the second when he was with Mayday Parade.

When that happened, it became a new start for him. Jason Lancaster formed a new band named Go Radio with Matt ‘Burns’ Poulos, as well as Steven Kopacz and Patrick Hosey of the Florida band Don’t Die Cindy. They had only been together for just one year before they made their first album which was named Formation and Welcome to Life (2007-2009). This album showed how talented Jason Lancaster is in making lyrics. If you decide to listen to this album I recommend listening to the song titled I Miss You. It has good lyrics and also a wicked guitar riff.

The second album they made was named Do Overs and Second Chance (2009-2010). This album was released on September 8, 2009 and was their first studio update. That year they revealed that they were in the process of recording. If you want to download this album, I think you should listen you should listen to a song titled Good Night Moon, which I believe is the best song on it.


Their third album, Lucky Street (2010-2011), was released in July 2010 and was one of their best-selling albums back then because of the song titled The Truth Is. This song is really sweet and has lovely lyrics.



Their latest album is called Close the Distance (2012-present). You would really love this album because it has a good song for when you break up, if you want to listen to this song it is titled Go to Hell. Well, there you have it, I encourage you to try listening to their songs as I believe it is really worth it!

Celis, Joar


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