Linkin Park: a band of every genre

Linkin Park, they were one of the most known bands in the world. They are commonly known as rockers who never stopped rocking, and recently they had a concert at MOA arena. I was there and if you’re reading this, up to now that night is still in my head. As they play their songs, my mind keeps on reminiscing the days wherein I used to listen to their songs on repeat. I heard them first at MTV as the song “In the End” plays repeatedly as it rises to the top charts. At that time, I instantly appreciated the music and I searched for other songs that they created. The first album that I got hold to is the Hybrid Theory wherein I got the full album content thanks to torrent seeders. Yes, I’m already a pirate even when I was still a kid. And the other albums follow as I seek for more songs. Another thing that surprised me that night is their opening song entitled “A Place for my Head”. That song is my favorite and how great had I felt when they play it first.


Before the main event started, an opening local band played first to lit up the night. The band Urbandub played four songs wherein three of them come from their new album, therefore playing only one familiar song among most people who attended the concert. I can say that they do know how to rock and roll but something very important is missing as I hear them play, and that is the lyrics. Whenever the electric guitar and drums plays together, the tone intensity is so high that you can barely hear the vocalist sing. I may be music lover, but the lyrics hold most of the percentage as to rating a song.


Also, one more misconception about Linkin Park is the part wherein people generalize them as simple rock and roll genre musicians with a taste of scream in their music. But if you do observe the music that they produce, a series of genre is being exemplified by them. For example, just like the song “In Between” which I felt the most from them and served as my inspiration in life. It can be considered as R&B or acoustic. If you think about it, you may say that they can possibly do any music in any genre. Considering their vocalist Chester Bennington who is known to have that animalistic growl, he can lead the band as to rock n’ roll screams up to hip-hop catchy tones of voice, and even at an electronic type of music using his energizing voice. Next is Mike Shinoda’s great accent and rapid-firing words. Mike can lead the band into doing R&B using that rhythmic beat, up to the modern hip-hop rap combination, and even to easy listening type of music by just decreasing those great booms of drums and slashing strings of electric guitars.



Therefore I am saying that, Linkin Park may be considered old but their music will always remain as an icon even to the future generations. I doubt that they will be forgotten by the music industry just because time passed by. Especially after hearing the band give it all from a live performance, you’ll surely feel their epic presence, the passion they possessed as to playing their music. It’ll be heartless for the fans if they easily forget them even after witnessing the great presence of their live performance. So if ever they will visit the Philippines again and you’ll be having the chance to attend the Linkin Park concert, Trust me; you don’t want to miss it. Rock on!

Francisco, Jay Mark


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