Punta Fuego: A taste of exclusivity

During the late days of February, my aunt invited me and my dad in a place in Nasugbu, Batangas known as Punta Fuego. Punta Fuego was actually a site of battle between the Spanish Galleon San Diego and the Dutch battleship, Mauritius. It then became the location of the Pedrosa’s and Roxas’ families’ estates until companies then fixed the place and a ceremonial ground-breaking signaled the start of development of Terrazas de Punta Fuego.  According to my aunt, very few people frequented the place, as it was quite exclusive. I found it hard to believe due to the fact that summer was coming near and I always see a lot of people swimming in a beach, strolling around a park, malls or other public places.

After a few days, we packed our bags and went to our cousin’s house via car. We then passed through highways, resorts and scenic landscapes on the way to our destination. I honestly thought that Canyon Cove would be a much better resort because I’ve seen a lot of pictures of people staying there and I’ve read reviews that it is a nice place to stay. When we finally reached our destination, there was a large, gaudy gate that we had to pass to. Near the gate was a guard house, the guard then asked us on where we were going, my aunt simply said the name of the resort and the guard let us in the place. The place looked pretty much like any urban upscale village at first, but when you look into the less conspicuous parts of the area, the place was actually surrounded by bodies of water and modernized beach houses on the sides of the cliffs. The place also had a lot of pavilions and gazebos with paved paths connected to the roads. We then drove along the roads full of extremely large, gaudy houses, green grass, and roads leading to more houses.


We then stayed at the house of where my aunt told us to stay in.  The entrance impressed me at once. It was full of huge glass windows of different shapes and sizes arranged geometrically – quite obviously by an accomplished architect. Inside was a table with a real canoe with designs and a couple of huge flights of stairs, one going to the basement and another going upstairs. In the basement was a huge kitchen with a door leading to a large garden full of shrubs and bushes full of flowers and two trees, between them a hammock made of strings. The main floor consists of a dining room which has a huge long table with chandeliers hanging with twine on the ceiling over the table. There was a bathroom near the dining room which had black marble tiles on the floor while white ones on the walls. On the sides of the bathroom floor were pebbles and fences to prevent them from scattering on the floor. The porch was connected with the dining room through the stairs. In the porch was a spectacular view of the beach.  The whole thing gave the impression of walking from a grand urban living space into a beach side resort. The beach had a lot of stones though but I didn’t really mind the murky waters because I didn’t really want to go swimming there. The porch was decorated with 2 wooden benches facing the stony, mangrove laden beach. Upstairs were 4 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms. The 3 bedrooms were spacious and had a wooden, large fan on the ceiling. One bedroom though had the view of the beach and had a really large, old looking bed with curtains. There was also a large chair which felt very soft to sit in. All the bathrooms looked pretty normal. The inside of the house wasn’t as complex as the exterior building but it was pretty okay for me.




After taking pictures of the house and the grounds, we took the car to another beach where my cousins used to go snorkeling. The beach was a bit hidden and remote, and wasn’t really that beautiful, compared to a beach like Boracay. The beach has a lot of trees and large ants. On the sides of a beach were giant stones covering the cliffs of soil behind them. We then put on sunblock and swam with our snorkels and went to the deepest parts of the lagoon. There we saw a lot of corals and fish.  The place wasn’t really as deep as what I expected; it was also quite pristine. The place also had jellyfish, although they weren’t really dangerous like the Box Jellyfish or anything. I got hit by one of its stings and it started to itch real badly. Although after some time, it disappeared. The beach wasn’t really nice to me, and the view was the only nice thing in my opinion.


After swimming and all that, we went back to the resort house.  My cousins and I then took a lot of pictures around the place. I felt really ecstatic the whole time we were inside the place and in the remote beach. During noontime, we took a lot of pictures of the sky and the location because that time was right for beautiful pictures because of the orange, vibrant rays of the sun. In the evening, we went to a place nearby and heard mass. The church was like a large gazebo. It was surprising to see so many people in the church because the village gave the impression that there were not much people around.  After the mass, we slept pretty early because in the province, there is nothing to do. So I slept in the bedroom with the huge ceiling fan and slept peacefully.


Later that night, I couldn’t sleep well because of the moving trees and their black shadows. I was also intensely sweating because the place was so hot.  When I looked out at the window again, the black shadows turned lighter and turned to a light colored blue, the orange and yellow rays of the sun then stretched out, signaling the arrival of dawn.  I immediately got up and dressed up and went with my aunt’s “yaya” and went outside the house to explore the streets of the exclusive village. We passed by lots of houses with different designs. Each one had a unique design reminiscent of different countries; some had trees that looked like sakura blossoms;


some had archaic designs which looked like a mosque;


and some also had the Filipina look with the wooden walls and windows with white shaped-squares. The place also had long winding roads leading to more beaches, and actually one had a beach had a cave. The place at dawn was really spectacular; it was like living in a paradise without the technology. It was also a place that would draw any photographer to go to the area.


When morning came we went back to the place where we stayed, ate our breakfast and packed our bags. I was excited to go home because it was really boring in the place but it was picturesque too. We then went to other places which we didn’t visit earlier that morning. We saw a huge golf course, a place which was stony and full of craggy rocks which made it look like another planet with a view of the glimmering stellar sea and a port which looked like a place from abroad.


We also passed by the houses which belonged to previous presidents where they probably stayed during vacations. After that it was a pretty tiring but fun trip for me. I felt like I got to live the life of the rich and famous for a couple of days.



Raymundo, Andrew Joseph


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