Nisekoi Manga Review


I happened to stumble upon this when I had just finished reading a chapter of Naruto 3 months ago. At first, I thought this was just another one of those boring RomCom (Romantic Comedy) manga that I don’t want to waste time on. However, since I was bored at that time I said, “What the heck I’m still going to read this.” Honestly, I was shocked. No, the right term is amazed. This isn’t your ordinary RomCom manga. I’ve read some romance manga but this is something else. It’s like Romeo and Juliet, except that they hate each other and there are yakuza’s, love triangles, hilarious moments and BAM! You get Nisekoi.


Nisekoi, which means ‘false love’, is a comical romance manga written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi. The story starts with the phrase “Zaxia in Love”, a promise between two childhood sweethearts that they will see each other again and when that time comes, they will get married. 10 years have passed since these two made this promise.

Raku Ichijou, the one who made the promise, is still in search for his childhood sweetheart. Although Raku’s just a normal high schooler, he is actually the son of the head of the Shuei-Gumi faction, a notorious yakuza gang in japan! Even though everyone in school knows of his family background, he still strives to have a peaceful high school life. However, that peaceful life ended when Chitoge Kirisaki, a transfer student from America, unintentionally assaulted him.


Needless to say, these two did not get along after the rocky start and in fact go on to insult each other throughout their days at school, but something lies in store for both of them, dating! Raku’s father, the head of the Shuei-Gumi faction, said that Raku is going to start dating the daughter of the head of a mafia family called Beehive to stop the war between the two gangs. Moreover, it just so happens that the daughter of the head of Beehive is no other than Chitoge! While these to violently decline, their fathers already announced their status as a couple to the whole gang. They have no choice but to act all lovey-dovey to fool both gangs and maintain peace between the two. Will this fake love remain ‘fake’ or will it become real love?


It’s rare to find a good romance manga these days. Some romance manga’s are said to be Clichéd or common to be exact. However, this is different. I see originality in this work. The story, the characters’ personality, everything! It never fails to make me laugh every time I read it.

Now for my rating:

Story: 10
Like I’ve said, this isn’t one of those Clichéd romance manga’s that are scattered around the net. It never fails to make me laugh and make your heart skip a beat when reading. And it’s a harem romance manga, which is a very hard thing to do If you want to make that manga a big hit.

I also love how the author makes plot twists to his manga. Like the key of the promise girl. It turns out that three girls (Chitoge, Onodera, and Marika) are holding similar keys! Will Raku ever find his promise girl? Or will his ‘fake’ love with Chitoge become real love?

Character: 10

I also love how the characters’ personalities are unbalanced and each person has their own strong personality. Like how clumsy Chitoge is yet she is athletic and smart. Or how Onodera makes normal food like food from a 5-star restaurant, even though she sucks at cooking.

The supporting characters in addition also have their own role to make the story more interesting. Like how Ruri helps Onodera to win Raku’s love aggressively or how Maiko, Raku’s best friend, tries to annoy him with his harem school life. All in all, even if they have unbalanced personalities, when you put them together, you will get an interesting story and unique interactions between the characters.


Enjoyment: 10

Like I’ve said, this manga never fails to make me laugh. Even when I’m down. No really! One time when I got hom from school, I was depressed with my quiz scores (lol). It just so happen that on that day, Nisekoi updated a chapter. I laughed my ass out and forgot about my quiz scores. This just proves how good this manga is.

And because Nisekoi is an impossible story for must of us in real life, It makes it appealing to the readers because of its impossibility to reality. Like how their fathers rely on their children to ‘fake’ date for the sake of both gangs or how how Raku deals with his harem school life which is not very common in reality.

Also, if you love romance, you will find Raku’s triangle love story (or even square! since there are three girls involved) with each of the girls acknowledging each other as love rivals an interesting story plot by itself. Moreiver, it never fails to make your heart skip a beat every time you read a chapter. You don’t believe me? How about now?



Overall, my rating is a perfect 10! It’s a must read for manga readers out there!

Delfin III, Vicente Julius D.


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