My College experience in Mapúa

It was such a pain to spend more than 3 months of vacation without anything to do. I spent most of my vacation by watching movies, playing online games and reading books. It was such a huge mystery for me on how to survive my vacation. I always do the same things every day. So I wanted to go to school badly. But I wasn’t excited at all. I was scared for college. I knew it would be hard. I was scared to make friends and adapt to the new environment.

On my first day of college, I arrived in MAPUA with my two high school friends; Jelly and Claire. Jelly will be my block mate in my first term while Claire enrolled in Business Administration so she won’t be my block mate. Claire enrolled in English Plus during our summer vacation so she already knew a lot of MAPUA frosh students. She introduced us to her friends. We found out that two of her friends are going to be my block mates this term; their names are John and Exodus. When we arrived in our classroom, I was relieved because I already made two more friends. We talked to each other while waiting for our professor. Sadly, my first professor didn’t arrive so we had our break. Our break was quite long and we didn’t know what else to do so I decided to talk to my other block mates in order to get to know them. Jelly was always by my side. We met Eman, Alexandria , Paolo Mikkael (PM) and Jonathan. We talked to each other about our previous schools and spent the whole break time together. It was cool because it was just our first day but it already felt like we’ve been friends for a long time. I felt comfortable around them. During the next day, we all watched a Filipino movie called “Tuhog”. They were mean and they teased me a lot but we still had fun. We formed a group and named it “Carol’s Minions” because they saw a huge minion life-sized poster and they said I was as tall as that minion.


During group works, it’s always automatic that we’re all going to be in one group. One time, we had a project in Filipino. It was about making a video using the different degrees of language. We went to Luneta to film it. It was such a fun experience filming it. The next day, Mr. Patani allowed us to watch all the videos made by the groups. Our classmates laughed because of the jokes and the bloopers in the video. It was also fun seeing them laugh at our faces in the video.


Our group is mostly composed of guys, so they always tease me. They tease me about my height and about almost everything that I do. So one day, I got mad at them. I ignored them the whole day because I was annoyed by them. But the next day, I couldn’t stay mad at them anymore so I forgave them. But I didn’t know they had a surprise for me. They handed me these notes as an apology for what they did. It was really touching for me and they were sweet so I forgave them.


In almost 1 month of my stay in MAPUA, I’m glad that I met those people. I’m glad that I became friends with them. Yes, they’re a pain. They tease me a lot, they’re noisy, they make fun of me, and they embarrass me in front of a lot of people. But, friends are friends. I can’t get mad at them for too long. I love them. And I know they love me back too. I always have fun when I’m around them. And I’m glad that I have friends like them.

Soriano, Carol


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