Why love the new Wolverine?



  The Wolverine is the latest franchise movie from the Marvel Universe. The movie that is based on the 1982 Wolverine comic book miniseries by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller. Many has been expecting that this movie will be the sequel of the X-men Origins: Wolverine, but no, It’s not. This is a separate movie of The Wolverine, but still has some fragment from the X-men: The Last Stand from the year 2006. This is the 6th movie of the X-men series and also the 6th time Hugh Jackman portrayed the Wolverine. Hugh Jackman has the world record for the most superhero film appearances. The next movie for the X-men series will be X-men: The Days of the Future Past. This will be the 7th movie of Hugh Jackman as the indestructible Wolverine.

                                 The Wolverine, the violent but soft hearted mutant.  There are a lot of reasons why to love the movie The Wolverine.  One reason is because of Hugh Jackman that really fit the attitude and the looks of the Wolverine from the comic books from the hair to the sideburns to that bulky body to the attitude.  Another reason is it has ninjas! Well, for me, I really love seeing ninjas in movies with those stealthy moves and their swords. Oh I love it! Third reason is that it is a not-so-serious-movie. It has that factor that can make you laugh. Like the bathtub part where Logan (Hugh Jackman) is being disinfected by the Japanese. Another reason is that it has a fragment from the movie X-men: The Last Stand. Here, you can see how Logan suffers from the death of the love of his life, Jean Grey. She was killed by Wolverine to stop the destruction of earth in the last part of X-men: The Last Stand. Fifth reason is that they didn’t overdo the fighting scenes. The scenes are not that long but still full of action! Another reason is the Wolverine is the ultimate superhero! Iron man is not so-superhero when he doesn’t have his armour on, Superman with a kryptonite is nothing, and Batman with shots of bullets is dead. But Wolverine?! He is the Indestructible superhero with a healing power, Adamantium Body and claws which is sharper than a samurai sword. Seventh reason is some things came out unexpected! I like predicting what will happen in a movie and I was never wrong until I watched this movie! I didn’t even think that the man he saved will be the villain in this movie. I really thought the Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova) was the only villain in the movie. When I found out that it was Yashida (The one who is saved by the Wolverine in an atomic bomb attack) who is the main villain, I was like “No way” and I had my mouth open the whole scene without me noticing it.  And finally, the appearance of Professor X and Magneto! In the post-credit scene, Wolverine is in an airport when suddenly metals started to shake and then everything around stopped. And then Magneto and Professor X (Patrick Stewart) came in. Everybody in the cinema was like “How is Professor X alive” (Professor X was killed by Jean Grey). This was the sign that Wolverine will be participating in the next X-men movie.  Although “The Wolverine” is a great movie, it also has its bad side. One is it’s loosely based in the comic book. There are parts that is taken out and changed. Another is it lack more X-men. Although Wolverine is great, it still needs the other X-men to be present in the movie so that the audiences will see the connection between the heroes. Besides, who wouldn’t love a movie full of uncanny mutants?

                       The Wolverine is a MUST-SEE movie. It has a lot of surprises and a great climax. It really restored the heart and the awesomeness of the Wolverine. Just imagine, a man with adamantium claws, holding a samurai sword, and wearing a black suit.  How awesome is that?

Salonga, Emmanuel S.


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