The HP Pavilion g4: Technology at its best



There are so many laptops to choose from. There are touch screen laptops, laptops that are easy to carry e. g notebooks, gaming laptops like alienware, razer laptops and laptops that are suitable for business, education, etc. You may ask yourself “which laptop is better? Which laptop is durable? Which laptop has high end specs but with an affordable price?” If these are your questions, well you’re in luck because there’s one laptop that I would recommend. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the hp pavilion g4.


The hp pavilion is not just an ordinary laptop when it comes to design. It’s simple yet with an awesome look and I bought it for only 26000 php. Yes it’s only just 26000 php  and it is made out of plastic and covered with gloss so it looks like one of the expensive laptops today. Another thing is it has a comfy keyboard. As I type, my fingers feel relieved but there are also disadvantages in design like for example the design of the touch pad. I find it very difficult because the touch pad feels rough when I use it but it is sturdy and cannot be destroyed easily. Another is the weight. When I go to school, I always bring this laptop and I’m always experiencing a back pain. According to, The HP pavilion weighs 4 pounds. So it’s like I’m carrying almost 2 kilograms of rice in my backpack and it kills me.


Despite its weight, the HP Pavilion g4 packs with hardcore specs. It comes with 3rd generation of intel i5, the latest intel core yet. It has Intel HD graphics 4000 for gaming performance, 2 GB of ram for simultaneous multi-tasking, a 16x DVD-ROM. 500 gb of hard drive to store your precious files and with the operating system of windows 8, it has awesome features.


When it comes to features, the HP pavilion g4 still rocks than any other laptops. The 14-inch screen LED offers a crisp, vivid, colourful look. The laptop has a whooping sound because of the Altec Lansing speaker. Whenever I play music, watch movies, or play video games, Altec Lansing makes it alive because it is supported by Dolby advanced audio. Another awesome feature is the gestures. Gestures can come in handy in the touch pad, like I swipe my 2 fingers vertically and it will scroll up and down. I fast swipe my finger horizontally to the right and it brings me to windows quick menu. I fast swipe my finger horizontally to the left and it brings me to windows 8 application(s).I pinch the touch pad with my two fingers and it zooms in and out. So there’s no need to buy touch screen laptops that are worth 30000 php because you can already have touch gestures without touching your screen. There’s also a button located at the top left of the touch pad. Pressing that button once and the gestures will be turned off. Pressing that button twice and the touch pad will be disabled. So if you don’t feel like using the touch gestures, just simply press that button. There are also disadvantages in gestures. Yes, gestures can come in handy but for first timers you will feel irritated. For example, I accidentally swipe fast horizontally and it will take me to another application. Another is when you accidentally touch the “off gesture button” twice, your touch pad will not work. At first, it irritates me, but time goes by and it will become more common when using it.


The HP pavilion has the advantage of multi-tasking. You can do numerous tasks in your laptop because of the intel core i5. The HP pavilion g4 has the latest operating system, windows 8. Combining it with high end specs and windows 8 with an affordable price and you’ll have the best laptop and that is the HP pavilion g4. But when it comes to gaming, the performance of HP pavilion is not so quite good enough. Yes, it has an intel core i5 but what matters most is the video card, which is the intel HD 4000 graphic card. Whenever I play video games such as Dota 2 , Planetside  2,  or Portal, I experience some lags and freezes. The Hp pavilion g4 is not suitable for games but it is great for business, schools, etc. Another concerns me is the battery life. The battery life consumes 4 hours only and I find it really short. I’ll have to bring a charger everytime because it does not last long.


For me, The HP pavilion g4 is a great laptop when it comes to business, school, etc. It is simply made out of plastic but with gloss finish makes the HP Pavilion g4 looks awesome. The vivid, crisp and amazing display really satisfy your needs. Despite the odds, it also comes with intel core i5 and windows 8 for only just 26000 php. It may not be perfect but given its affordable price

Nulud, Jean Isaac.


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