Parokya ni Edgar: a band of true friends


Their first studio album was released in 1996, entitled “Khangkhungkherrnitz”. Their first single, Buloy became a hit and it made them known in the Philippines. After Khangkhungkherrnitz came the album Buruguduystunstugudunstuy. Buruguduystunstugudunstuy’s tracks include Harana, Sayang and Please don’t touch my birdie.

Together with their weird album names, what is the meaning of their band name, Parokya ni Edgar? As they are giving trivias through their Facebook fan page, Chito Miranda said that Parokya ni Edgar came from a class joke by their classmate in High School. Sources state that the class subject was Filipino, and it all started when the teacher asked their classmate where the father of Crisostomo Ibarra was educated. It was said that Jeric Estaco answered the teacher with the daft remark “sa Parokya ni Edgar”

Not only is Parokya ni Edgar a band, they are a group of true friends who stick together at any problems. They hang out together with other bands namely Franco, Urbandub, Kamikazee, etc. Even though Chito Miranda currently has an issue, I still have my respect for him and for the band. Their strong bond and friendship serves as my inspiration with my friends. Even though we are apart, we keep a strong bond with each other and help each other whenever in need. Parokya ni Edgar is a band that is able to stand still and a band that can withstand the test of time.

Matunog, Geo


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