My first time at Luneta Park/Rizal Park

     Rizal Park is well known because it is where Dr. Jose Rizal died, Dr. Jose Rizal sacrificed his life for us so we can achieve liberty. Now, Rizal Park is like a tourist spot here at Philippines. Many schools go there to conduct their fieldtrips so students will be aware of what happened there. I believe that most of young people or children already visit Rizal Park many times.

(July 18, 2013; Thursday)

     Our professor gave us a group assignment. We need to create a film that shows the kinds of language. After class our group think some ideas for our film and think of a place where we will shoot the film, so they suggested that we’ll make our film at the seaside of Mall of Asia.

(July 24, 2013; Wednesday)

     Today we will shoot our film at Mall of Asia. While we’re waiting for our group mates, one of us suggested that it is better to shoot our film at Rizal Park than Mall of Asia. So I just agreed to that suggestion because I haven’t got a chance to go to Rizal Park. So when my other group mates arrived they told them that our venue changed. Then we rode a taxi because we don’t know how to get there. So when we arrived there, I looked like an idiot wearing a big smile because it’s my first time to go there. I want to take a picture of everything but sad to say I don’t have a camera </3. I want to walk around the place, I want to ride a “kalesa”. I want to be there forever. Everything was perfect. Every moment was magical. I felt like I was in paradise.  I want to spend my day walking around Luneta but I don’t have a chance because we need to finish shooting for our film. So when we’re filming I capture every moments that we’ve done there. Everything that we do in our first time is very memorable. Until now I can’t forget everything that I saw there. I want to go back there. When we finish filming our film we go back to Mapua and go home. Such a wonderful day. It is very memorable because I went there with my group mates/ buddies. 🙂

Losañes, Jelly


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