Lenovo IdeaPad U410 Ultrabook Review


Good news for apple fans who cannot afford one, Lenovo made a laptop which looks a lot like the MacBook with a cheaper yet reasonable price. A lot had tried copying the looks of the MacBook but this is the closest one around at least from the outside. In addition, you can buy a higher variant with a higher specification for a more practical price compared to MacBook’s.

Ultrabooks were made mostly for the use of students because laptops of this category are less than 21mm thin, exceptionally light, and having no less than 5 hours of battery life. At first, Intel had netbooks, but had a short run due to its unsatisfactory in terms of performance and quality build.

In January of 2011, Intel introduced the 2nd generation of the I-series which was called Sandy Bridge. This resulted for Intel to present the Ultrabooks in the market. Due to the size of the processor which is 32 nm, Intel made laptops thinner. The Lenovo U410 uses the 3rd generation of the I-series which is 22nm, a lot smaller than the 2nd generation processor of the I-series. Furthermore, the 3rd generation has its own Intel HD Graphics which allows manufacturers to have the option not to put any graphics card in laptops.


                Lenovo offers 3 colours: Graphite Grey, Sapphire Blue, and Ruby Red. The only detail that you can see on top is the Lenovo logo while the bottom has a large vent to provide some airflow. There is also a four rubber feet for consumers to have a scratchless desk. The front has 2 LED’s for power status and the drive.

In terms of dimensions the U410 is compact; it is 21mm thick and a 14″ form factor system weighing 1.9KG.


On the right side, we find our power input, Ethernet port, HDMI Port, 2 USB 3.0 ports, SD card slot and a mic which is quite small. The right side highlights the 3.0 USB ports, the maximum transfer speed is at 400 KB/s compared to the 35 MB/s or the USB 2.0.


On the other side, it has another vent. 2 USB 2.0 ports and a 3.5 mm socket, which is a mic/speaker combo. It means you can use your earphones/headphones which that mic’s with one 3.5 mm adapter.



Opening the U410, we find our 14” display monitor which has a resolution of 1366 x 768 Pixels. Like the normal laptops, it also offers an application for face login detection which is quite common for Lenovo laptops.


Looking below, we see a power button, a so called “Chiclet Keyboard,” and a single surface touchpad which has two clickable sides just like the MacBook’s.

Lenovo used keys which were rounded for the comfort of the consumers. Additionally, Lenovo had the touchpad glass coated for more satisfaction.





Compared to other laptops, this is quite way above the standard in terms of the weight and size.


                Due to the hyper-threading feature of the I-series processors, it allows you to do your work simultaneously without slowing down your PC’s system.


                Having the label of being a MacBook lookalike brushed metal, and surface rounded corners. Also, Lenovo offers it in 3 spectacular colours.


                It uses the Chiclet keyboard which is similar to what the MacBook’s use. With spaces between keys, it provides more comfort for users.


                Usually a laptop has 2-3 USB ports, but this Ultrabook has 4, makes consumers worry-free since there is no need for a hub if ever all ports will be used.


                BATTERY LIFE

                It was advertised that the laptop is going to have at most 8 hours of usage. Based from experience and having read some other blogs, this was never attained, as a matter of fact it lasts only half of the advertised battery life which is 4 hours.

NO ODD (Optical Disk Drive)

                For movie lovers, this would be a great disadvantage since most movies are still produced in DVD’s.


                Overall, I can say that if you are after the style, performance, portability and value for money. This would be the perfect laptop for you. Weighing 1.9KG, you can almost bring it anywhere. And performance wise, you will never get disappointed because it uses the 3rd generation of the I-series which has its own graphics card. There is no need to use the graphics card very often even when you’re just typing or surfing the web, because graphics cards consume a lot of battery. Next, style, no doubt that this is going to be a stiff competition with the MacBooks and the other Ultrabooks of same specification. Lastly, the value for money, the price starts from ₱ 38,400.00 to ₱ 40,300.00. Price is very reasonable, since the comfort you get will be high despite having a stiff price.

PHOTO SOURCE :  http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/ideapad/u-series/u410/index.html

De Guzman, Vince Ivan


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