It’s Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is the strongest guild in town, Fiore. There are also different guilds in other cities. All guilds are composed with different persons with different magic. Some people have magic inside their bodies in the times they were born while the others hone their self or they practice with some of their mentors. The main antagonist of the anime is the members of the guild. I’ll name some of the members: Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Wendy, Laxus, Makarov, Gajeel etc. Some of them are like extras in movies. I like the way Fairy Tail works; they value friendship. That friendship gives them power to move on, to do the unbelievable and to pass the unsurpassed.

It started when a girl Lucy came in town to join a guild. She then meet Natsu Dragneel who was looking for Salamander. She treats them in a restaurant.


She talks and talks about the guild she want to join. But she didn’t know that Natsu and Happy are in Fairy Tail. There are people who uses the name of others to become famous. One of them is Salamander, using the other name of Natsu, and using the name of the guild to make himself famous. He take away Lucy with other girls so that they can turn them to become slaves or just like that. Natsu followed them and rescued all girls and also Lucy. He fought Salamander and his men and he beaten all of them not knowing that he is the real Salamander. Then, he allowed Lucy to join the guild. By the way, this anime is not yet finish and sometimes I will cut some chapters or episodes because it is too long. I will continue it.  Natsu, Gray, Erza and Lucy formed a team that can be considered the strongest team in Fairy Tail. They completed any requests they recieved. Then one day, one guild attacked them even though they don’t have any dispute with each other. Fairy Tail was attacked by Phantom Lord Guild because they to tell the other guilds that they are the strongest guild. The clash was started by Phantom Lord  and was finished by Fairy Tail. Two members of Phantom Lord joined FT and the two are: Gajeel and Juvia. Soon, the tournament for S-class Mage Promotional Trial has begun. For your information, S – class mages are considered one of the strongest member of a guild. Some Fairy Tail S – class mages are Laxus, Mirajane and Erza. The tournament take place in the Tenrou Island or Tenro Jima. Tenrou Island is the holy ground of the Fairy Tail Guild. There lies the body of the 1st  Guild Master, Mavis Vermillion. The tournament was not finished because Acnologia. Acnologia is the King of all Dragons. He is the first human to turn into a dragon. There is also a time skip. The guild are waiting for 7 years and hoping that the strongest members of the guild are still alive. After 7 years, the Guild of Blue Pegasus got a hint that Tenrou Island is there. The guilds of FT and BP went to the place of Tenrou Island and found out that it was protected by a barrier. That friendship of them gave them a power to make a barrier to protect them and Mavis help them to complete the barrier. The guilds who are looking for them found Natsu and the rest of the Guild. One day, the other members of the guild told them that there is a tournament to found out who is the strongest guild in Fiore. There are some new guilds and new enemies they need to fight. The name of the tournament is Grand
Magic Games or also called the Dai Mato Enbu and it is also called the Dragon King Festival. There are 113 teams who joined the tournament but after the Preliminary Event, the number of teams participating decreased to only 8 teams. The 8 teams are: Fairy Tail A & B, Sabertooth, Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, Mermaid Heel, Quatro Cerberus to be changed to Quatro Puppy because they lost in a condition match or bet match? I don’t know and Raven Tail. Again, the number of teams participating decreased to only 6 teams because Raven Tail was disqualified and Fairy Tail A & B merged to one team consisting of the strongest member in the guild. They fall 1st or 2nd or 3rd in some of the battles from Day 1 to 4. In the 4th day, 4 dragon slayers proved that their generations are the strongest but Natsu and Gajeel beat Sting and Rogue. In the last day of the tournament, all five members of the guild should participate but Juvia replaced Natsu because Natsu need to save Lucy. Fairy Tail won the tournament without losing any member of the team. On the other side, Natsu, Mirajane and Wendy saved Lucy. Natsu and the others found out that there are another Lucy and another Rogue coming from the future. Then, the tournament ended but the princess open the eclipse. Eclpise is a gate that can be open only with Celestial Spirit Magic. It is connected 400 years ago so that they can defeat Zeref before he could attain immortality. The outcome of that Eclipse project is that 7 dragons came out. They were just passable prepared to the danger of the dragons. 7 dragon and 7 dragon slayers fought with each other but suddenly one dragon, a friend of Igneel, joined the mages because he got a chance to talk with Natsu, the son of Igneel. Natsu and the other Rogue fought each other and then Natsu suddenly stricken the Eclipse gate and the gate broke. Rogue, Lucy, and the other dragons vanished. The participants of the tournament were happy because they know they won. Then, the palace set a party for everyone and for them to declare the winner.

                                         The story keeps on going because it is not yet finished.  Hiro Mashima, the creator of Fairy Tail, decided twice that he will end the manga. “Twice” it means that all Fairy Tail Fans gave him a chance or “courage” to continue the manga. When the Dai Mato Enbu finished, Hiro decided to end the manga but the fans so me too loves Fairy Tail and that’s why he continued it. It sometimes gives me chill when I read some of the chapters. I adviced you to read or watch Fairy Tail because it is a good anime. Well then, bye. IT’S FAIRY TAIL.


Canlas, Frank Gerome Angelo G.


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